Wire, Rope, Cord, Spring - ŽDB DRÁTOVNA a.s. 


Company ŽDB DRÁTOVNA a.s. it was created as a successor company division spin-off company ŽDB GROUP a.s.

We are a company with over 130 years of tradition and a convenient location in Central Europe. We take on a professional level and provide superior products and services in line with the slogan „The Iron tradition of quality“.

The basic aim of the company ŽDB DRÁTOVNA a.s. it is to meet the expectations of our customers and permanently maintain the development of technology in relation to modern trends in secondary metallurgy.

The Quality Management System is developed for various work since 1994. Our company is certified according to EN ISO 9001:2015 for the area of unpatented wire and spring production also certified IATF 16949:2016. In the field of quality management is an emphasis on continuous improvement of the QMS set out in the Quality Policy ŽDB DRÁTOVNA a.s.

Individual operations of company:

     • Patented Wire Drawing plant
     • Not-patented Wire Drawing plant
     • Steel Cords plant
     • Steel Wire Rope plant
     • Spring
     • Drawing Die
     • Wire Products plant


1885 Albert Hahn and Heinrich Eisner found a Pipe-Works in Bohumin.
1888 First cast iron radiators manufaktured in a foundry.
1896 Constructing of a Hot Rolling Mill and the first open-hearth furnace.
1896 Moravskoslezska a.s. (Moravian-Silesian, JSC) for wire industry builds a Wire-Work in Bohumin.
1906 Starting up of a galvanized wire production, the first manufacturing line of this kind in Europe.
1913 Introducing of production of steel wire ropes from low-carbon steel and copper and electro-conductive strands.
1927 Starting up of patented wire production.
1945 Nationalisation of industry.
1949 Production of martensite and needle wire and starting of spring production.
1958 The two initially independent companies united into one named Zelezarny a dratovny Bohumin (Iron and Wire Works Bohumin).
1960 Opening of a new Patented-Wire Drawing Mill.
1978 Opening of the part of the Wire-Works producing tire cords and foot cables.
1993 Transformation of the state-owned enterprise into a joint-stock company named ZDB a.s..
1994 Termination of the ZDB privatisation by means funds, the rest was gained by private investors.
1995 The plenary Assembly of the company elected into the board of directorsand the supervisory board the representatives of the majority owners.
1998 Ceremonial opening of the first common company Bekaert-ZDB Bohumin, s.r.o..
1998 Manufacturing initiation in new buildings of Wheel Sets Division.
2003 Wire Mill was parted on 5 division:
 - Wire Mill LC Division
 - Wire Mill HC Division
 - Steel Wire Rope Division
 - Steel Cord Division
 - Spring Division
2006 Our two divisions - High Carbon Wire Mill and Low Carbon Wire Mill merge into one called Drátovna (Wire Mill).
2010 Integrating Steelcord division, 1.3.2011 integrating Steel wire rope division and drawing dies division.
From 1 October 2012 ŽDB Drátovna a.s. new subsidiary Třinecké železárny - Moravia Steel. - Moravia Steel.


Principles of behavior trading company

Our company ZDB DRÁTOVNA a.s., is a company with a long tradition of steelmaking.We stand on the values since the year 1885, since we it was founded. We take on a professional level and provide superior products and services in line with the slogan „The Iron tradition of quality“.


• Ethical principles and respect of the law are fundamental principles of our behavior and corporate culture.

• Our company was established and is existing under the laws applicable in the Czech Republic; this law or any other law governing our relations are governed, constantly watching, know, honor and unconditionally; consistently adhere.

• We strive to make our relationships with our business partners, public authorities, our employees and the public have been long established, stable and based on mutual respect and justified confidence in  a fair hearing.

• We act and take its decisions in accordance with the principles of employee collegiality and fair trade and consistent with the rights and duties that we derive from law decisions of public authorities and  of contractual relationships, which we participant.


• Respect for human rights is obvious in our company. We do not encourage nor tolerate any acts of discrimination. We condemn any form of violence, forced or otherwise illegal work.

• We condemn the abuse of child labor. We employ only persons meeting the statutory requirements.

• We provide training for students of secondary vocational schools for our operations; we do so under agreements with these schools in a special mode, with the age, knowledge and experience of students.

• We do not tolerate any illegal work, even among our trading partners.

• The standard in our relationships with employees are always procedures and conditions established by law. This also applies to the conclusion and the content of employment contracts or other employment contracts and agreements, working hours, granting time off, breaks, ordering overtime pay, making deductions from wages or termination of labor relations.

• Our employees properly reward for work performance, including bonuses for work in the afternoon, at night, on weekends and on public holidays and overtime. Beyond the law we provide our employees with social and other benefits.

• In relation to our employees, but also in relation to public authorities, we fulfill all our statutory disclosure.

• We respect our employees' rights, including the right to organize and bargain collectively. We respect the position of trade unions operating in our enterprise as representatives of our employees and consider them our partners in social dialogue.

• With our employees consistently communicate including meetings and meetings with top management and other senior employees, as well as informing our employees about current issues through central signposts and information boards in the workplace.

• We welcome questions and comments to our employees for whom they are in our company also usable clipboard „Suggestions and questions“.

• Every two years we carry out surveys of satisfaction and motivation of our employees.

• All our employees regularly evaluate annually.

• We are open to complaints of our employees or other persons; We are allowing them to file complaints, including anonymous and those complaints responsibly deal.


• Safety and health of our employees is an organic part of all our activities and has the highest priority. In our company we create the best possible working conditions. We maintain security program for the prevention of accidents; we make sure that every working activity was conducted safe working practices.

• We have processed and systematically evaluate and update the system of identification and risk assessment of possible health damage at work, also containing measures to mitigate risk of injury.

• We confess prevention. Our staff continuously educate and nurture the work safety and health protection.

• provide our employees with personal protective equipment according to the list drawn up for each job. Employees in jobs with high thermal or physical exertion provide protective beverages.

• Consistently we provide assessment of the medical fitness of our employees in the study of medical examinations; We do not allow the performance of work inadequate medical staff.

• If, despite our efforts to the accident, we apply our system comprising providing first aid, reporting and investigating accidents or other unfortunate events and taking measures to & nbsp; prevent its recurrence of a to damages.


• To our business partners is handled as an people that we are equal, we are dealing with them honestly and & nbsp; transparent, and respectfully, equitably.

• We anticipate that our business partners profess the same principles as we do; if we make sure that we do not, we respect it if it's not contrary to law and if it does not induce excessive risk or non-injurious.

• It commits us that our business partners to create value. In relation to the our products we apply the principle of continuous improvement, increasing their value added at while reducing the environmental burden. We are implementing a strategy of zero errors.

• Our suppliers chosen with thorough care in order to respect the quality of our products. With our suppliers, we negotiate agreements quality and evaluate the performance of their obligations.

• We provide adequate supervision over the observance of labor and technological processes and addressing any complaints of our business partners. We evaluate the satisfaction of our business partners.

• We want our business partner worked with us consistently, or to the & nbsp; give us back. The success of our business partner and our success.

• We profess the unity of words and deeds; What we promise, we will do. We support ethical business culture and performs his duties carefully, honestly and honestly.

• We are ready to negotiate with our business partners in the audit our company.


• We confess zero tolerance for offering or taking bribes.

• We lead our employees strictly to make refrain from any act of corruption; nobody in context performance of work for our company, on our behalf or with reference to our enterprise solicit or accept any transaction in exchange for providing or promise to provide any benefits, nor such a service offering or supplying.


• We advocate a free, honest and fair competition; We do not do anything that would undermine such competition.

• Avoid conflicts of interest and situations that may raise the suspicion of such a conflict, including conflict of our interests with the interests of our business; any conduct in a conflict of interest is only possible if permitted by law.

• We respect the intellectual property rights interest in protecting the confidentiality of trade secrets and other confidential information and these rights and this information will uphold the scope of the legislation, contracts with business partners, data subject's consent and business ethics.

• We protect the personal information of our employees, as well as all other persons whose personal information we have been provided.

• All our employees who & nbsp; the performance of their work duties come into contact with the personal information of the information constituting a trade secret or a & nbsp; other confidential information, are obliged to maintain confidentiality on these data and & nbsp; information.


• We fulfill our corporate mission „We will come along way together.“.

• We support the region and strive to contribute to further improving the quality of life of its inhabitants.


• Protecting the environment is a fundamental part of our policy. The standard is the least fulfilling all the requirements of legislation and permission granted by us on the basis of the authorities.

• Long-term plan, we strive for continuously reducing our impact on the environment of our company.

• To meet the environmental protection principles we have set up a apply management systems waste at which prefer recycling system of closed water circuits and sewage industrial water treatment chemicals and management energy; Priority is also a significant reduction in  pollutant emissions into air.

These principles are the basic starting point of our internal regulations, including • Conditions of employment

• technical and organizational regulations (TOP) and related internal standards and in them they are concretized. These principles are respected and their observance in our company and check enforce.

Bohumin 1.10.2016

Januš Szkuta, MBA, v.r., Chairman, CEO
Ing. Petr Adamek, v.r., Chairman of the Board, Sales Director


company is fully aware of its social responsibility to your surroundings. Reflection is ongoing cooperation with the town of Bohumín and local organizations in education, health and sport.

We support:

in the long run

in the field of health: Bohumínská městská nemocnice a.s.
in the field of education: František Živný Grammar School in Bohumín, Jan Palach 794, contribution organization
in the field of sport: Tělocvičná jednota Sokol Bohumín
  Jan Hlasník - employee of ŽDB DR - sport shooting
in the social sphere: BOBEŠ family center z.s.
  United Organization for the Blind and Visually Impaired, Karviná Regional Organization
  Association of the Civic Diseases in the Czech Republic, basic organization SPCCH Bohumín
  IMPULS Endowment Fund - Let's Lighten the Czech Republic - for rehabilitation care and the purchase of aids for patients with multiple sclerosis
Voluntary Fire Brigade Association Skřečoň